About Us

Purpose: Supply and Recommend
WECO is an online web source intended to help people quickly access eco-friendly alternatives to regular items. Our Earth needs change to survive. Human's selfish needs have left our planet hanging on for dear life. Our oceans and land are overflown by garbage, waste, and acid from tankers and rain. Furthermore, we've depleted some of the Ozone, significantly increasing the risk of cancer and sun damage to our species. Not only does this affect us, but also the animals around us. Thousands of birds, bugs, moose, bears, monkeys, tigers, etc, have lost their homes to our ghastly forest clearing machines. And up north, penguins' and polar bears' homes are melting away because of global warming.

Things need to change. We've made steps to improve, but not everyone is ready to give up the items they so heavily depend on. Today, there are thousands of eco-friendly alternatives to the daily products we use. Look beside you. Is there a plastic pen? A light bulb? Electronic device? Paper? A ziplock bag? I'm sure you aren't willing to give up all of these items, and honestly, neither am I. But there's a way to obtain and use these items while knowing you're doing little to no harm. WECO is here to easily supply and connect you with eco-friendly brands, products, and tools that you would typically buy at your local Walmart, Shoppers, IKEA, etc. We've listed a few products that one would commonly want and need. If the item you are looking for does not appear, contact us, and we'll send you a link to the best eco-friendly alternative you're looking for.

The Earth is the one thing every person shares. Let's save it.